Sleep Medicine and Research Center

مركز طب وبحوث النوم




To provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sleep/wake disorders to the community by maintaining the highest standards of care and embracing the visions and standards of KAUH.




To establish a state of the art center capable of diagnosing and treating all sleep disorders as well as to participate in the developing of Sleep Medicine regionally by conducting effective studies and training young physicians and technicians in this field.


SMRC Services


Our major concern is the patient care. The center now is capable to diagnose and treat most of Sleep Disorders. This is achievable through the Diagnostic Services that are available now in the center which extends to include Home Care Services.


About SMRC


The Sleep Medicine and Research Center is a specialized center that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the common sleep disorders in our community.
The center was initially founded at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in May 2011 and was expanded following its success, in April 2013 to accommodate a total of 4 rooms, fully equipped with the latest sleep medicine diagnostic and therapeutic equipments.
The center has a team including a sleep physician, technologists, nurses and researchers, as well as complete access to all medical expertise and facilities at King Abdulaziz University Hospital when needed. This ensures all patients get comprehensive and high quality care.
In addition to its diagnostic and therapeutic services, the center takes an active role in educating the public about sleep disorders through seminars and educational activities. Moreover, the center trains physicians and technologists in sleep medicine and has ongoing local research projects.

Contact Information:
King Abdulaziz University Hospital.
P.O.Box 21589-JED 80215, Saudi Arabia.
Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Tel: 012 640 8222 Ext. 16610