Community Serving Unit Exhibition

Last 11 September 2014, King Abdulaziz University Hospital conducted an exhibition for opening of the “Community Serving Unit”. The event took place in King Abdulaziz University Hospital lobby at 1300h until 1600h. Different departments and organizations participated on the said event. The SMRC were given an opportunity to showcase what it can offer. Thru teamwork, we were able to make informative materials that we put up in a small bulletin board that we displayed and gave out brochures to people. We hired a volunteer to act as our patient and connected him on the device. SMRC booth captured the interest of the people, with great confidence the team answered their queries about how these things work, what is sleep lab, what it does to the patient and how they can get an appointment.
I could say that most people are unaware about the existence of Sleep Medicine and how it can help improve their lives. I suggest that we conduct more awareness exhibitions or seminars for both the public and health care workers.

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5/30/2022 8:20:56 AM