About SMRC

Mission :

To provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of sleep/wake disorders to the community by maintaining the highest standards of care and embracing the visions and standards of KAUH.

Vision :

To establish a state of the art center capable of diagnosing and treating all sleep disorders as well as to participate in the developing of Sleep Medicine regionally by conducting effective studies and training young physicians and technicians in this field.


  • Serving the community by providing an advanced center for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
  • Assessing the extent of the health effects of sleep disorders on society.
  • To work to reduce traffic accidents, especially ones resulting from excessive sleep after diagnosis and treatment.
  • Raising awareness about Sleep Disorders in the community especially among health care professionals such as physicians and medical students.
  • Training technicians and physicians of the Saudi youth in the field of sleep medicine.


  • To establish and develop a scientific laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
  • To conduct studies to determine the prevalence of the most important types of sleep disorders in our society.
  • To determine the impact of Sleep Apnea Disorders on the health of the community (especially its relation to heart disease and hypertension) and also its impact on the economy and health institutions.
  • To Assess the positive impact of treating Sleep Apnea on the above.
  • To determine the relationship between sleep disorders causing hypersomnia and road traffic accidents.
  • To facilitate and create the necessary environment for conducting research in the field of Sleep Medicine.
  • To introduce this relatively new field of medicine (40 years) in the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine which is taught to students in regional universities and synchronized with international universities.
  • To conduct training courses and workshops about sleep medicine and the methods of diagnosing sleep disorders.
  • To produce cadres of trained professionals from the Saudi youth to work in the field of sleep medicine as Sleep Disorder Centers are spreading.
  • To start a Fellowship program in Sleep Medicine for physicians.

Last Update
5/29/2022 8:42:17 AM